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5 Strand Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Testing Kit
5 Strands Affordable Testing

5 Strand Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Testing Kit

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Knowledge is power and now you can help take control of your pet’s health with 5Strands Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Non-Invasive Dog & Cat Testing Kit! This kit is easy to use and is designed to test for over 300 food and environmental intolerances. And while other forms of testing require a blood sample or a saliva sample, this one is completely non-invasive—simply collect five to ten strands of hair from your sidekick, follow the instructions and send it to your lab in the enclosed envelope! In just five to seven days you will receive an email with a list of your pet’s intolerances and sensitivities, allowing you to make better decisions for her when it comes to choosing food, treats and even household products.

Key Benefits
  • Non-invasive kit designed to give results using just 5-10 pet hairs.
  • Find out your pet’s results in just 5-7 days!
  • Tests for over 300 food intolerances and environmental intolerances.
  • Helps you make better choices for your BFF.
  • Can be used for dogs, cats and horses.
What's Included

Comb, Parchment Paper Bag, Anti-Static Bag, Information Card, US Pre-Addressed Envelope with Postage.

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